Dogs & Horses


Dogs welcome at Lower Farm Bed & Breakfast | Harpley, Norfolk B&B
Dogs are welcome at Lower Farm and we are surrounded by fabulous places to take your dogs for spectacular walks; our resident Labradors Pinot and Beaver will make their own favourite recommendations!

We only allow one dog per room and an additional cleaning charge of £10 is added to your bill. Please provide your own dog’s bed and ensure they do not decide to check out the soft furnishings, if they do we may add a further surcharge.

We will provide a water bowl but please bring their favourite feeding receptacle and something to go in it! Dogs must not be left alone in the house at any time, we can advise you which pubs and restaurants are dog friendly.

There is no additional charge if you bring a dog and choose to keep them in one of our stables or private yard overnight. If that is the case you must ensure that there will not be any nocturnal howling, as it can prove irritating for other guests!


Horses are welcome at Lower Farm Bed & Breakfast | Harpley, Norfolk B&B

Lower Farm is superbly located to enjoy riding along Peddars Way, or galloping along one of the many glorious beaches unique to North Norfolk. We are also only 30 minutes away from Lime Kiln Farm and Forest Edge Arena, both of which hold a great variety of equestrian activities throughout the year.

We can accommodate a maximum of two horses per night in large, traditional loose boxes. We use shavings as bedding and charge £15 per night for our equine guests.

If you are keen to ride on the beaches we recommend you come out of season (October to March) to avoid the thronging crowds…

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